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Dedicated To Helping Injured People.

Proudly representing good people injured by the wrongful acts of others.



Serving Justice For Our Clients

18 Wheeler Accidents

Big rig accidents can cause catastrophic injuries. We focus on getting you the medical care you need and the compensation you deserve.

Social Security Disability

Representing clients in their Social Security Disability needs for over 30 years. You worked hard all your life and a portion of every paycheck went to the Social Security Administration for disability insurance. If Social Security is now denying you the very coverage you paid for we can help.

Unsafe Premises and on the job injuries

If you were injured at a business or apartment complex due to an unsafe condition you are entitled to compensation. This includes injuries from slip and falls. This right applies regardless of your status as a customer or employee.

Offshore and Maritime

Workers injured in such workplaces may be covered under the Jones Act or other laws covering injuries to maritime workers.

Chemical Exposure

Our attorneys have been defending clients who were exposed to benzene and other chemicals. We have grown up with the chemical industry, and we are skilled at tracing illnesses back to their source.


Successfully helping our clients with their immigration needs. Call or Email us for a free consultation.

Auto & Truck Wrecks

We make sure our clients receive the correct medical attention after a car or motorcycle accident.

Medical Malpractice

If your medical provider’s treatment does not live up to accepted standards of care, causing serious injury or death, you (or your survivors) may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries or your loss.

Dangerous Drugs

Our product liability lawyers help individuals whose lives have been affected by poorly formulated, designed, or manufactured products.

Plant & Refinery

We represent clients who were injured in a plant or refinery accident, and we represent clients who lost a loved one in a fatal accident.


If you were injured falling from scaffolding or other construction materials, we can help you receive the compensation you need.

Asbestos & Mesothelioma

If you work (or have worked) in a chemical plant or on a ship, there is a high risk for asbestos exposure and subsequent poisoning. We help clients receive the financial and medical help needed.


Dedicated To Justice.

Tom Oxford knows how to fight for good people injured by the wrongful acts of others. He’s been doing it his whole life.

An Experienced Civil Rights And Personal Injury Attorney

Dedicated To You.

Tom Oxford has years of experience successfully practicing in the areas of personal injury, civil rights, and immigration.

For many of those years, Tom was the Managing Attorney with the firm of Waldman Smallwood.

Tom chose to practice law because of the ability of our legal system to equalize the playing field between those with great power and influence and those without.

He managed a nonprofit legal aid office for ten years, where he represented low-income Texans in a wide variety of civil legal matters. That same spirit still animates his fights for injured parties in their disputes with the insurance industry and others.

Tom is licensed to practice before the State Courts of Texas, United States District Courts for the Eastern and Southern Districts of Texas, and United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. He is also a member of the Texas Trial Lawyer Association



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